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Moving from Argentina wasn't easy, but I'm a strong believer that you do the best you can wherever you are and that one should find joy in any given opportunity.


Interior renovation wasn't new for me, more of a family trade. I grew beside my dad, helping him handle tools he needed around the house or in a job site as soon I started walking. From that point on I embraced my hobby, it blossomed into a passion, and I still strive to learn as much as possible about it to continue a successful restoration business. That goal didn't walk alone, the best companion was the interior designer part of me. I saw no end to the capabilities that design could do and one thing did not satisfy me. After years all of my passions became a perfect fit. I couldn't just restore a piece, if a client allowed it I was ready for a suggestion of placement, improving space color palette and more.... I look forward to the opportunity to build great relationships with my clients and find what makes their personal style flourish. There is no end to the possibilities that we can accomplish and no space, I feel, does not have potential.

"I believe interior design is not a luxury thing, it is a need. Everyone should have access to improve their living space, through creativity, reinvention, renovating ... And what more rewarding than doing it in a green and sustainable way? Restoring, repurposing, and facelifting are all environmentally positive ways to showcase the uniqueness that is in you, and I would like to be the artistic hands that guide the experience."

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